Football United Against Dementia

Football United Against Dementia is pitting the world of football – including old foes like Robbie Savage and Uriah Rennie – against its toughest opponent yet: dementia.

Robbie Savage and Uriah Rennie uniting against dementia

Football is the people’s game. And with one in two of us now knowing someone living with the condition, dementia is the biggest health threat the people face.

Its impact echoes around every stadium, permeates every club, and destroys the lives of millions of fans.

That’s why we need the whole football community to unite. And when we say everyone, we mean it. From global superstars to Sunday league journeymen; from pundits to refs; from fans to agents – we’re asking football to counter-attack as one, and defeat dementia for good.

Football is part of who we are. It connects us through our memories, our identities and our communities. Through Football United Against Dementia, we want all those affected by dementia to keep these crucial connections for longer.

What we hope to achieve

There’s so much we can achieve with your support – for example:

  • Enabling fans to go on attending games for as long as they wish – through accessible stadiums and dementia-friendly clubs
  • Making sure parents who care for older relatives can still get their kids playing football – or take them to games
  • Supporting grassroots players as they approach the end of their careers and start worrying about their – or their team-mates’ – health
  • Helping people retain their sense of self – and their links to others – by recalling and celebrating the most memorable moments from their footballing lives
  • Raising vital funds to offer tailored, one-to-one support to more people in local communities – enabling them to go on experiencing the highs and lows of football for as long as possible

Every player and fan knows the sense of belonging that comes from football.

This is your chance to feel that togetherness on an even bigger scale: channelling the strength of the football community to transform the lives of millions of people – now and in the future.

We always think of our footballing heroes as being invincible. But anyone can be affected by dementia: fan or player, winner or loser. Having lost some of my fellow ’66 team-mates to the condition, I’ve seen just how devastating – how indiscriminate – it can be.

That’s why, when it comes to dementia, we’re all on the same team.

- Sir Geoff Hurst

At Alzheimer’s Society, we want to be here for every player, every fan, every person affected by dementia – enabling them to stay independent, confident and connected to the world for as long as possible.

This could mean feeding them a perfectly weighted pass – that crucial bit of information or advice which enables them to adapt, access the right service at the right time, and go on living well in spite of dementia.

Or it could mean venturing upfield alongside them – being there in person, so they don’t get isolated and can go on doing what they love, whether it’s playing, watching or just talking about football.

Whatever it is, we can only do it with your support. By backing Football United Against Dementia, you’ll be helping to ensure that everyone who needs us gets the assist that’s right for them – keeping your fellow fans and players connected to their clubs and communities for longer.

How to get involved

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