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Frequently Asked Questions: Research

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Q: What is Alzheimer’s Society’s position on the use of animals in research?


Alzheimer's Society recognises the necessity of involving animals in medical research.

Read our position statement on the use of animals in research

Without animals most of the medical advances we rely on today would not have been possible. This includes vaccination, drugs, surgical techniques and better understanding of the biology of diseases and medical conditions including Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

There are difficult ethical concerns about the use of animals in research. For this reason the restrictions placed on the use of animals are extremely strict. Alternative techniques are used wherever possible and all efforts are made to ensure any animals are treated humanely.

There are a number of animal 'models' used to mimic the conditions of dementia. The most commonly used models are in mice and fruit flies. Research using these valuable tools has enabled scientists to understand how dementia develops and to test new drugs and treatments.