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What we do

Alzheimer's Society fundraisers

Local support

Alzheimer's Society staff and volunteers provide both local information and over 2,000 services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to people affected by dementia in their communities. Our local services include day care and home care for people with dementia, as well as support and befriending services to help partners and families cope with the demands of caring. From Dementia Cafés and innovative Singing for the Brain sessions to memory-book projects and group outings, our services provide both practical support and an essential point of human contact.

Telephone and online services

The Society provides reliable and up to date information to help you with every aspect of living with dementia: from understanding diagnosis and assessment to dealing with the financial challenges you may encounter. Our range of over a hundred factsheets and other publications on dementia provide the answers to many of the common questions we have been asked over the years.

Alzheimer's Society national dementia helpline: 0300 222 1122.
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm.

The advisers on Alzheimer's Society national dementia helpline can ensure you receive all the information you need. You can also access a wide range of information through this website, and learn from the experiences of other carers or people with dementia through our online support network, Talking Point.

Alzheimer's Society members receive a monthly magazine, Living with dementia, which provides information about all the latest news and developments in the field of dementia.

You can also search our Dementia Catalogue for specific dementia-related topics from a database of over 11,500 published items.


We aim to increase our investment in our research programme to around £10 million a year by 2017. This money funds important research that will help us to improve the quality of life for people with dementia, by tackling questions related to the causes of dementia, investigating good practice in care and treatment, and pursuing a cure.

One distinctive feature of our ground-breaking research programme is the integral involvement of people with early-stage dementia and carers. As part of our Research Network, volunteers with direct experience of living with dementia inform our research priorities.

Training and development services

The Society is committed to ensuring that people with dementia receive the best possible quality of care and support. We provide training for health and care professionals and publish a wide range of training materials and books.

Campaigning and raising awareness

The Society demands a better future for everyone affected by all forms of dementia. With the help of our members and supporters, we campaign for the rights of people with dementia and those who care for them through a combination of detailed policy analysis, lobbying, influencing and direct action.