Coronavirus Recovery Appeal

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Reduced social contact and suspended support services have had a devastating, long-lasting impact. Help fund companion calls and virtual services so that we can reach more people affected by dementia by giving to our Coronavirus Recovery Appeal today.
Please support our Coronavirus Recovery Appeal

You could make a huge difference to the lives of people living with dementia who were worst hit by the pandemic.

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While a return to ‘normal’ is in sight, people living with dementia and their families are still struggling with the effects of coronavirus. 

For many, they have lost the power to be independent

Many people living with dementia have experienced significant cognitive impairment over the past year. Things that may seem simple, such as taking the bus, require them to memorise things like where the bus stop is, when to get on the bus, how to pay, and where to sit down. 

These are all steps a person living with dementia could remember when doing them all the time. But the coronavirus pandemic has meant that many will now have forgotten how to do so.

That's why our vital services are still very much in need of your support.

With your help, we can continue offering our virtual services alongside our traditional ones to reach as many people as possible in the future, long after the pandemic.

We need your help

We can’t keep our phone lines open or manage the increase in demand for our services without urgent financial support. Please donate today to support our appeal. With your help, we can show people living with dementia that they aren’t alone.

Please donate now

Looking for support?

Anyone affected by dementia can call our Dementia Connect support line  on  0333 150 3456.

Or, you can call our Welsh-speaking support line on  03300 947 400. 

Please check our coronavirus pages regularly for the latest updates and for guidance should any of the changes to our services affect you or your loved ones.