Tommy Foster answers our questions

Q&A: Tommy Foster

Tommy Foster, who has mixed dementia and lives in Ballymena, answers our questions.


Tommy Foster LDW




What changed most after your diagnosis?

An increased feeling of being generally fed up, with days of feeling down or out of sorts – when I'm inactive or just having an off day and little or nothing seems to help.

What would you take to your desert island?

Some Jim Reeves or Slim Whitman music. They remind me a lot of my past years when TV was just a few channels and music was the pastime of many.

How has Alzheimer's Society helped you?

Working with the Society helps reassure me that I'm not alone with my illness. The Ballymena and Antrim Men's Friendship Group gives me an added purpose. If you like to constantly press forward and try new things, with the added social togetherness of the group, it really leaves one feeling less alone.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I think I'd like to visit my teenage years. Things seemed to be less rushed and of more a carefree nature, a simpler time with one's life and years far ahead of us all.

What is your most treasured possession?

Family would be my answer. My feelings and desires towards them are a constant strength to me, as I know today that their memories will always be that of who I am here and now, and not of what the dementia may eventually claim.

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