What is the 'Worried about your memory?' campaign?

Man worried about memory

The Worried about your memory? campaign aims to increase public understanding of the early signs of dementia, and encourage people with memory concerns to visit their GP.

Currently only 48% of people in the UK living with dementia have a diagnosis. There is a huge amount of stigma and misunderstanding about dementia and its symptoms, and people often delay seeking help when they are concerned about their memory problems.

More information What are we doing? 

  • Worried about your memory? is part of our Early Diagnosis campaign.
  • We have produced a range of materials which help people to recognise the early signs of dementia and encourage people to visit their GP if they have concerns about their memory.
  • Copies of the materials are available free of charge to members of the public, and for health and social care professionals to distribute to their patients.
  • We regularly mail Worried about your memory? materials to over 9,000 GP practices in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Local Alzheimer's Society staff and volunteers use Worried about your memory? materials to raise awareness of dementia in their area.

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