Resources for organisations

Creating a dementia friendly work place - A practical guide for employers

Alzheimer's Society has produced an informative guide for employers to help them gain an understanding of dementia, how it impacts organisations and the practical steps they can take to support employees, clients and customers.

Dementia-Friendly Financial Services Charter

All organisations operating in the financial services sector are being encouraged to sign up to the charter - and deliver on their commitments to make it easier for people with dementia to continue access banking and financial services.

DAA environments checklist

Based on work by Innovations in Dementia, the DAA environments checklist looks at physical features such as signage, lighting etc to assess small changes that would make a positive difference to employees and customers affected by dementia.  

Becoming a dementia-friendly retailer: A practical guide

This resource provides retail organisations of all sizes with specific tips and guidance on how to improve the dementia friendliness of their store or shopping space.

How to become dementia-friendly: tips for organisations and businesses

A leaflet providing tips for businesses and organisations on how they can play a part in enabling people with dementia to live well in their community.

Tips for employers who want to be more dementia friendly

Produced by the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP), the Tips for employers provides practical advice on becoming dementia friendly

Supporting employees who are caring for someone with dementia

Carers UK and Employers for Carers set out key findings and emerging issues from a survey of employers and employees. The guide Supporting employees who are caring for someone with dementia makes ten recommendations for employers, health and social care services and government to facilitate better support for carers.

Dementia Action Alliance business guidance note

The Guidance for business is for local or national businesses looking to sign up to the Dementia Action Alliance and help build more dementia-friendly communities.  

How to Help People with Dementia: A Guide for Customer-Facing Staff

This booklet provides guidance for those working in a customer service role, on how they can help to support people with dementia who they encounter in their jobs.