The dementia guide: Next steps checklist

lady smiling with tea Below is a checklist of things you can do after reading this guide. These will help you to live well now and make plans for the future:

  1. Understand more about your diagnosis - for example, the type of dementia you have, and what your drugs are for (if prescribed). (See About dementia section in the guide.)
  2. Talk to others about how you're feeling and ask your GP if there are any therapies or activities that could help you. See Non-drug treatments section in the guide.
  3. Try some methods to help you to cope with memory loss. See Coping with memory loss section in the guide.
  4. Introduce exercise to your daily routine and review your diet to make sure it's balanced. (See Staying healthy section in the guide.)
  5. Organise regular checkups with your GP, dentist, optician and chiropodist. (See Checkups section in the guide.)
  6. Arrange a benefits check for you and your carer. (See Benefits section in the guide.)
  7. Write or update your will and appoint an attorney. (See Making decisions for the future section in the guide.)
  8. Tell the DVLA/DVLNI and your car insurer about your diagnosis (if driving). (See Driving section in the guide.)
  9. Ask social services for a community care assessment and a carer's assessment. (See How to access social care section in the guide.)
  10. Get in touch with Alzheimer's Society to find out about local services for you and your carer. (See Alzheimer's Society services and support in the guide.)

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