How we raise and spend our money

We want to be as clear as possible about how we raise our money, and how we spend it. The following information details Alzheimer's Society's income and expenditure for 2014/15.


Income grew strongly to £90.6 million (2014: £82.6 million), a 10% increase on the previous year. Contract income for care services amounted to £34 million (2014: £31.4 million). Although the commissioning of care services is undergoing significant change, we have continued to be successful in keeping attention focused on
the needs of people with dementia and their carers.

Voluntary income increased by 16% to £52.3 million (2014: £45 million), underpinning our strategy of delivering on dementia.


89 pence in every £1 of total expenditure was spent on direct costs towards improving the lives of people with dementia (2014: 89 pence in the pound).

The remaining 11 pence in every £1 was spent to support our frontline activity including IT and premises.

Charitable expenditure increased during the year by £15.5 million to £76.7 million (2014: £61.2 million). Our spending on care services increased to £57.6 million (2014: £50.4 million). Research expenditure more than doubled, to £9.1 million (2014: £4 million) in line with our strategic objectives.

Expenditure on fundraising rose to £14.6 million (2014: £12.4 million) as extra investment underpinned our strong growth in voluntary income.

Society money 2014/15

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