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Your story is a place for you to share your experiences of living with dementia. Stories can be submitted by anyone who has been affected by dementia, including people with dementia, carers and relatives.

You can submit your story via our online form.  Or if you would just like to read other people's submissions you can do so below. Older stories can be found in the your story archive.

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The Disease of Life

All of us know at some time or other 
It might be an aunt, a father or mother - 
The Disease, Alzheimer is a name we fear
Because it could happen to someone who is near - 

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Who am I?

Once a young girl with dreams of her own,
now an old lady sitting alone.
Depending on others, oh whats happened to me?
I wish I could dance sing and be young and free.

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Goodbye Grandma

The four year old me said, 
As my grandmother hugged me, 
As she tucked me into bed. 

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