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Your story is a place for you to share your experiences of living with dementia. Stories can be submitted by anyone who has been affected by dementia, including people with dementia, carers and relatives.

You can submit your story via our online form or email. Or if you would just like to read other people's submissions you can do so below. Older stories can be found in the Your story archive.


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Still our Grandma

We may all laugh and joke about
How Grandma's lost her marbles,
About how she's lost her keys again
And where she put the post.

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Grandfather, 2015

My grandmother has told me that in his youth he planted trees all over the country; even across the land that we would come to lose during the war.

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My Grandma's Alzheimer's progression and memories

Hello, I'm Mia and I'm only 14 years old. My grandma is 72 years old, and got Alzheimer's when she was only 60, so I didn't properly get to know her, but I have family videos and memories of her in my brain from when I was younger and she was developing Alzheimer's

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