Care collaboration grants

The care collaboration grant round is a pilot that has been designed to support care providers to become more actively involved in research. 

Please note this part of our research funding programme is currently paused.

The care collaboration grant round was a pilot call launched in early 2019 by Alzheimer's Society and Dunhill Medical Trust.

The funding funding call was designed to develop and test models that support care providers to become more actively involved in dementia research. 

The three grants that were competitively funded through this pilot call were: 

  • The Care-Home Action Researcher-in-residence model (CHARM)
  • The Lincolnshire Project
  • The Exeter Care Homes and Knowledge Collaboration (ExCHANGE) 

Update in November 2019: More details about each project will be published shortly. 

We do not have any current plans to repeat this funding call at the moment but you can read the 2019 call specification for information.

Alzheimer's Society is keen to support the involvement of care providers in research and would encourage interested applicants to look at the grants available through our Care, Implementation and Public Health funding stream. 

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