Why research translation is important for researchers

We are changing the way we think about research. By encouraging researchers to think through how their research can be used “hands-on” in everyday life we hope to find practical solutions faster.

We recently introduced our new implementation grant scheme. Through this funding we support teams of researchers, care providers and people affected by dementia. This helps teams to test what works and what doesn’t work in bringing research evidence to professional services and staff.

We have also redeveloped our dissemination grant scheme to help spread awareness and understanding of research outcomes that can improve health and social care support. This will help to improve that way people working in health and social care use new research and innovations.

Our Implementation and Dissemination grant schemes support moving research into the real world setting and sharing the learning from research studies.

To help understand more about how dementia research is put to use and shared, we commissioned the “Dissemination and implementation in dementia care” (DEIRDRE) project in Exeter to find out what methods people have tried to use to put research into real life (implementation) and to share research knowledge (dissemination). The study has shown that there are lots of difficulties and that we have a lot to learn about both implementation and dissemination.

We are partners with a number of research projects, further information can be found here

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