Why research translation is important for people affected by dementia

Find out why research translation is important for people affected by dementia.

The projects we support and are involved with are making a faster impact on the care and support you and your loved ones receive.  We work with our partners to test new ideas and innovations to make a difference to the people affected by dementia we support faster.

It is vital that we make sure new services and systems that are introduced to support people affected by dementia are properly tested. Researchers start by testing new ideas and innovations with a small number of people affected by dementia.

If these tests are successful the researchers will test the ideas or innovations with larger groups of people, testing the ideas in different ways. When we are confident the idea or innovation will work, researchers test how to move it into the real world setting through a type of research we call “implementation research”. If this research is successful, we then work out how to support the research being used.

Different regions of the UK have very different arrangements for providing health and social care support services. This can make it very difficult to adapt and use research evidence in the best way. By working in partnership with different people in the health and social care system in different parts of the country we can overcome these challenges, to make a bigger difference to people we support.

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