Our Research Translation programme

Our Research Translation programme ensures dementia research findings are brought to the people who need it, when they need it.  

Today, only seven per cent of research is taken into practice - and that can take up to 17 years.

Research will find new and better ways to improve care that people affected by dementia urgently need.

But, we know that no matter how strong the evidence, bringing the research findings into the real world can be challenging.

We bridge the gap between research, policy, clinical practice and dementia care to maximise the impact of research.

Key areas of interest 

We are particularly interested in supporting research and changes to policy and practice in these areas:  

  • quality of life
  • post diagnostic support 
  • maintaining independence at home
  • assistive technology 
  • advanced dementia to end of life 
  • research in care homes.

Supporting researchers 

It’s vital dementia researchers across the globe don’t lose sight of the impact of their work.

Our Research Translation team can support you to involve policy makers, practitioners, commissioners among others in every stage of your research to ensure you maximise the impact of your work so that it addresses the needs of people affected by dementia. 

Supporting policy makers, clinicians and commissioners

Our Research Translation team encourages policy makers, practitioners and commissioners to get involved in research to ensure it addresses concrete needs and produces useful and relevant findings. Collaboratively we can make a difference to the lives of those affected by dementia. . 

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