How we help to bring research findings into the real world

Our team put research into action, helping people to live better with dementia. We work with the right people, helping them to use research knowledge and innovations in the best way possible.

To achieve our goals, we work in partnership with people affected by dementia, health and social care professionals, people within both the private sector and industry and researchers. This makes sure research findings are put to use by the right people faster.

It can take many, many years for research findings that could make a difference to the lives of people affected by dementia to be used. We don’t think this is good enough.

We have a dedicated team focused on both improving the movement of research evidence into everyday life (research translation) and innovation. We focus on identifying opportunities to make dementia research count in everyday life, both within Alzheimer’s Society and within the health and social service sector. Our work is supported by colleagues within Alzheimer’s Society to influence changes with policy makers, commissioners and professionals who work with people affected by dementia.

The decision to focus on moving research findings into real life was driven by the invaluable partnership we have with our Research Network Volunteers. 

Our portfolio of work focuses on:

  • Supporting research in care, technology, public health
  • Developing a number of research projects and ideas to move them to the point where they can be used
  • Supporting innovation within Alzheimer’s Society’s services and within health and social care services
  • Working with our implementation grant holders, who test how to move research into real world care settings
  • Working in partnership with researchers 
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