Working together to defeat dementia

From our summer 2018 issue of Care and Cure magazine, we hear how 70 researchers and people affected by dementia came together to learn from one another at a very special event in York.

Taking place on 14 March, the day was organised by Research Network Volunteers Wendy Mitchell, Barbara Woodward-Carlton and Sandra Barker.

Event organisers Wendy Mitchell, Barbara Woodward-Carlton and Sandra Baker stand together in front of Alzheimer's Society banners

Alzheimer’s Society staff Matt Murray, Jamie Tulloch and Aoife Kiely supported the preparations and came along to help out on the day.

Barbara Woodward-Carlton began the day by reminding us all why we were there. She told us about the history of Alzheimer’s Society and the Research Network, and of the importance of research.

Barbara Woodward-Carlton stands speaking into a microphone at a podium in front of a Alzheimer's Society banner

Wendy Mitchell then introduced York’s Minds and Voices, a group of people living with dementia. They told us about their experiences with dementia and explained why research and raising awareness is important to them. They told us how they support people with a new diagnosis of dementia through - the York Minds and Voices Dementia Course. 

Wendy Mitchell stands speaking into a microphone at a podium while the members of the York Minds and Voices group stand behind her

The researchers from the doctoral training centres of Bradford and Newcastle gave talks about their work and moved from table to table discussing their work with the group.

People seated at large round tables busy in conversation, the room is large and bright with high ceilings

A researcher gestures across a table explaining his research

The day finished with time for questions and conversation about research and issues in dementia care. Alzheimer’s Society, by bringing our researchers together with people affected by dementia, will work hard to keep this dialogue going.

A blonde female professor sits at a round table with a group of people affected by dementia from York. She is explaining her research and they are listening

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