Research news in brief: Summer 2018

From the summer 2018 issue of our Care and Cure magazine, we take a look at some of the latest stories in dementia research.

Danger in the dark

A recent study suggested that head injuries experienced by actors and theatre staff in the frenzied darkness back stage might lead to dementia. This study didn’t show that anyone affected would actually develop dementia, but it does highlight the need to take steps to avoid head injuries.

A theatre stage elaborately decorated with gold details and red velvet curtains

Menopause and memory

The female hormone oestrogen might be linked to memory health. Some studies propose that women who experience menopause later have a lower risk of dementia. New research suggests that a woman’s lifelong fluctuations in oestrogen are more important in influencing memory than the age at which menopause occurs.

MARIO the care robot

A care robot named MARIO is being tested by people with dementia at a care home in Galway, Ireland. MARIO is 1.37m tall and responds to voice and touchscreen activation. MARIO plays favourite songs, discusses photos and newspapers, and connects people with family and friends. Researchers hope that MARIO could be a helpful addition to essential human interaction.

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