Living with dementia - LGBTQ+

 If you are part of the LGBTQ+ community and have dementia, this booklet is for you. 

In this booklet, we explain how you can live well with dementia. We talk about the things you can do to remain independent, get the emotional and practical support that's right for you, and plan for your future.

It contains the following sections:

  • Living with dementia as an LGBTQ+ person
  • Memory problems and reminiscence
  • Support for LGBTQ+ people with dementia
  • Your rights as an LGBTQ+ person with dementia
  • Planning ahead
  • Accessing LGBTQ+ specific services and support
  • Finding the right care settings as an LGBTQ+ person with dementia
Living with dementia - LGBTQ+

Get advice and information on living with dementia as an LGBTQ+. View our free booklet online, or order a copy by post.

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