Get There Together: Supporting people affected by dementia in Wales with the 2021 Census

The process for completing the 2021 Census has changed from previous years. The Get There Together project in Wales has produced a video and leaflet in Welsh and English to provide the information you need to know.

What's different about the Census this year?

Census Day is on 21 March 2021. Households will receive letters in the post explaining how they can complete their forms online with an access code. They will also have information on how to request a paper questionnaire if people can’t or don’t want to fill it out online.

Why is the Census important?

Understanding the needs of the nation helps everyone from central government to organisations, such as councils and health authorities, plan and fund public services across England and Wales.

They take information from the Census to make decisions about spending billions of pounds of public funding on transport, education, and health services. These include schools, hospitals, dental surgeries and cycle routes.

Guidance for the 2021 Census

Working with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the Get There Together project has developed a step-by-step video and downloadable leaflet to help people living with dementia complete this year’s census.

These resources are available in both English and in Welsh/Cymraeg.

Download the Census guidance

You can download and print PDF guidance from the Get There Together project in either English or Welsh that helps to explain the changes to the 2021 Census.

Leaflet in English Leaflet in Welsh

Watch the guidance in English

Open the English language video in a new window, or press play below.

Watch the guidance in Welsh / Cymraeg

Open the Welsh language video in a new window, or press play below.

What is the Get There Together project?

The Get There Together project has been driven by the needs of people living with dementia within the coronavirus recovery agenda.

It aims to encourage people to reengage with their community safely. They have created video and leaflet resources that give people a visual walk-through of community locations and services. This provides an opportunity for people to ‘rehearse’ visiting places in person, lessening anxiety, encouraging inclusion, and reducing isolation. 

The project has been led by the all Wales Consultant Allied Health Professions (AHP) Lead for Dementia, contributing to the AHP Covid-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Agenda for Wales and aligned to The Dementia Action Plan for Wales (2018-2022).

Get There Together is a national and regional community collaboration, demonstrating strong partnership working, keeping people’s needs at the centre of how health and communities come together, supporting people living with dementia to live well.

If you’d like to know more about the Get There Together project, email Dr. Natalie Elliott at [email protected]

Further support with this year's Census

Online support

As well as resources like the Get There Together project video and leaflets, Census provide a range of support services from online help to phone support.

Telephone support

You can call the Census team for free on 0800 169 2021 - this is available in English or Welsh. They can help with the following:

  • Booking an appointment to complete your Census
  • Order a paper version of the Census
  • Order an access code
  • Accessing translation support.
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