Alzheimer's Society responds to DHSC care home visiting guidance

The charity comments on a recent update to the guidance around visitation

Gavin Terry, Head of Policy at Alzheimer's Society, said
'We’re pleased to see the new guidance, providing clarity to hundreds of thousands of people across the country, who have been tragically cut off from their loved ones in care homes, at least 70% of whom have dementia. 
'It’s essential that visits are seen as the default position – so it’s really helpful that the Government has clarified blanket bans on visiting are not acceptable. Along with other dementia charities, we’ve been campaigning for many months to ensure family carers are recognised as integral to care, treated similarly to staff, enabling them to provide the social and physical contact they so vitally need. 
'People with dementia have been worst hit by the pandemic and have endured months of isolation, with absolutely tragic impact on both them and their families. We’ll be monitoring the roll-out carefully to ensure visits do happen consistently, and look for it to be extended to wider families as soon as safely possible. If anyone’s care home is still refusing visits, please contact Alzheimer’s Society where we can offer support.'