Alzheimer's Society comments on UK DRI research showing need for coronavirus testing in care homes

The UK DRI has today released results from a cornavirus outbreak investigation in four London nursing homes.

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research and Influencing for Alzheimer’s Society, which part-funded the study through their support of the UK DRI, said:

This is just a snapshot of the devastation that coronavirus is wreaking in care homes. While a small study, it is alarming that there were three times more deaths than usual, with over half of these being people with dementia. Additionally, over 60% of residents who tested positive were asymptomatic ,or didn’t display the symptoms we’re associating with Covid-19.

“At least seven in ten people in care homes have dementia, and it’s clear that to keep them safe, we need regular, systematic testing of all residents and staff regardless of symptoms.’

“Our funded researchers have done excellent work to understand the reality of Covid-19 and dementia on the frontline, laying the groundwork for more extensive studies to build on, so we can develop a truly evidenced based approach to keeping with people with dementia and all care home residents safe during the pandemic.”