Positive drug trial results of a new treatment for dementia-related psychosis presented at Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference - Alzheimer's Society comment

Researchers presented results from a phase 3 trial of pimavanserin that showed a significant reduction in the risk of relapse into psychosis compared to the placebo.

Pimavanserin was also well tolerated by people with dementia-related psychosis. The next step will be to approach the FDA, the drug regulator in the U.S, in the first half of 2020.

Dr James Pickett, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Society said:

'Following its success in Parkinson’s, these positive results in dementia-related psychosis are very encouraging and will now need to be considered by the regulators.

Although well tolerated in this study, we know that antipsychotics can be prescribed inappropriately for people with dementia so robust guidance and regulation on monitoring and review of the use of these drugs is essential.

'90% of people with dementia will experience behavioural and psychological symptoms that can include psychosis. These symptoms are often distressing, not only for the individual with dementia but also their family and other people who care for them. 
'Research like this can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives, which is why Alzheimer’s Society is committed to spending at least £150m on research in the next decade. Whilst our researchers work tirelessly to develop new treatments for people with dementia, we must find ways to support those living with the condition today who may experience distressing symptoms like psychosis.'