Alzheimer's Society on the Labour Manifesto

In response to the launch of Labour's election manifesto, Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

We welcome any party putting forward serious proposals that recognise the urgent need to fix dementia care and reform the social care crisis.

“The introduction of free personal care would be a major step to help reduce social care costs, yet it wouldn’t eliminate them, so the commitment to look at eligibility criteria for people with dementia is really important. People with dementia, the majority of adult social care recipients, have specific needs – which means their care often costs more. They could still be at risk of having to sell their homes to pay for care without that action to address catastrophic care costs.

“Ahead of the election, all political parties must commit to radically reform dementia care, or risk losing votes. People with dementia have a right to the same guarantee of state support as people with other diseases. Whichever party forms a new Government, fixing dementia care must be top of their list. The crisis must end now.”