Alzheimer's Society on Conservatives' £1bn social care pledge

In response to the Conservative Party's pledge to spend an extra £1bn a year on social care and to stage cross-party talks to find a long-term solution, Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

While it’s good to see social care being rightly recognised by all parties as a key election issue, what we need to see are detailed plans to fix dementia care for hundreds of thousands of families across the country. Too many vulnerable people are having to sell homes, or miss our completely on critical care because of the price tag. £1bn a year on its own would only stave off utter collapse, it’s nowhere near enough.

“Whoever is next in Government has to take the lead, and act decisively to resolve the funding of social care, and improve the quality of support people get. Cross party consensus, while laudable, must not be as an excuse for more dither and delay.”