Secondary Schools

3. Northern Ireland

Teach about dementia

Use our CCEA accredited teaching packs to teach your students about dementia.

Our resources look at:

  • Understanding the brain
  • Dementia in the family and the role of carers
  • Dementia in the community

Peter Weir, Education Minister

"Schools provide children with a wide-ranging and broad education, helping them to become well-rounded individuals. It is right that as part of their education they learn about issues such as dementia and learn the skills needed to best take care of and help family members and friends who have the condition."

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Spotlight on Bangor Grammer School

Bangor Grammar School rolled out Alzheimer's Society's lessons about dementia across all their classes.

Principal Elizabeth Huddleson:

"Our teachers found Alzheimer's Society educational resources relevant to the curriculum and easy to use. Our students have gained real insight into what it is like to navigate the world with dementia. They are far more confident that they will be able to deal with dementia, however it enters their lives."

bangor grammar

 Pupil Christian, pictured here alongside fellow student Josh and Alzheimer's Society Ambassador Liz Cunningham, said:

"I've realised there is a lot more to it than just forgetting the simple stuff. It can affect how people see you as a person."