Secondary Schools

1. Help us make a Dementia Friendly Generation

A third of young people know someone living with dementia. With over two million people developing dementia in the next ten years, most people will know someone affected by the condition in their lifetime.

We want every young person to understand what it's like to live with dementia. Help us make a Dementia Friendly Generation by teaching your students about dementia.

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Teach about dementia

Use our PSHE Association accredited teaching packs to teach your students about dementia.

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Our lesson plans contribute towards key aspects of the national curriculum, enabling pupils to gain knowledge and understanding linked to PSHE & Citizenship. If you embed them within a spiral curriculum or as part of an enrichment day, the activities can also support work towards British Values, SMSC and Personal Development, behaviour and welfare.

Our resources look at

  • Understanding the brain

  • Dementia in the family and the role of carers

  • Dementia in the community

Our teaching resources are available in English and Welsh.

Hold a Dementia Friends Information Session

Invite a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion to your school to run a free, fun and interactive session about dementia.

DF placards

Young people will learn how dementia affects someone and what they can do to help. All participants become a 'Dementia Friend' and receive a badge.

Dementia Friends Information Sessions contribute towards pupil welfare and safeguarding provision. They develop students' PSHE skills and attributes, such as resilience and empathy.

Hold an assembly

Ask pupils to design their own presentation about dementia to educate their peers, or use Alzheimer's Society's assumbly presentation to introduce dementia as a topic to students.