Primary Schools

4. Northern Ireland

Schools across Northern Ireland are teaching young people about dementia, breaking down stigma and improving the lives of local people living with dementia. Our teaching resources are accredited by the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA). They will be available in Irish language in 2018.

Peter Weir, Minister for Education:

"Schools provide children with a wide-ranging and broad education, helping them become well-rounded individuals. It is right that as part of their education they learn about issues such as dementia and the learn the skills needed to best take care of and help family members and friends who have the condition"


“CCEA are pleased to endorse the Alzheimer’s Society’s educational materials on dementia.  They provide a range of very relevant materials for teachers at Key stages 1-4 and facilitate the development of cross-curricular skills, thinking skills and personal capabilities. They help contribute to the development of desirable attitudes and dispositions that are key to active citizenship which is so important in today’s society.”

Spotlight on Glenwood Primary School

Pupils from Glenwood Primary School took action in Belfast by building a relationship with a local supported living scheme for people with dementia. The children worked with residents to design a mosaic pattern for a social sofa and shared memories. By hearing residents' life stories, Glenwood's pupils learned that there is always more to a person than the dementia.

Spotlight on St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School

Pupils from St. Oliver Plunkett School are raising awareness about dementia, by using peer education. Older pupils read stories to younger children in the school and help them understand how dementia affects someone.

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