Making London dementia-friendly

2. A message from our Operations Director

Tim McLachlan is Alzheimer's Society's Operations Director for Greater London. He is responsible for all of the services we offer across the 33 London Boroughs. 

"Dementia is the biggest health and social care challenge facing London today. There are an estimated 72,000 people with dementia living in London. This number has increased from 64,600 people in 2008 and is expected to increase further.

If the current trends continue there will be a 40% increase of the people living with dementia over the next 12 years and of 156% over the next 38 years.

The level of care following a diagnosis ranges hugely between each borough.

The average diagnosis rate in London, as of March 2015, was 62.3% - slightly below the target set for all CCGs by the Prime Minister’s Challenge 2012. However, diagnosis rates still range massively from 50% in one borough to the highest of 77.8% in another.

A recent Alzheimer’s Society poll found that 90% of people affected by dementia felt that the support they received after they were diagnosed was inadequate and that 73 per cent of GPs think that it is confusing for people with dementia and carers to navigate the health and social care system.

This is just a few reasons why we are campaigning to end health inequalities across London and make London the first dementia-friendly capital city in the world.

London-wide dementia strategy

We are calling for the new Mayor and GLA to make a commitment that, by 2020, London will lead the way by becoming the first dementia-friendly capital city in the world. A city where every person with dementia – no matter who they are or where they live – can live well and access the right support, at the right time, in the right way.

We believe that in order to tackle the growing challenge of dementia in London we need a London-wide dementia strategy which outlines a plan to improve the lives of people with dementia and carers.

You can download our manifesto here

Why does this matter?

Two thirds of people with dementia live at home. With the right support, it is possible for these people to live well and independently, but this is contingent upon the communities in which they live being dementia-friendly.

Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friendly Communities Programme focuses on improving inclusion and quality of life for people with dementia. Dementia Friendly Communities are about empowering people with dementia to live well and continue with both day-to-day and leisure activities, from taking public transport, doing the shopping or going to watch a play or football match. 

The aim of this campaign is to bring these principles to our city, to reduce the variation in care across boroughs, and end the postcode lottery of care and support that people living with dementia face.

London leads the ways in so many things. Let's make dementia care and support one of them."

- Tim 

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