Accessing and sharing information: Acting on behalf of a person with dementia

Everyone shares personal information with organisations, such as utility companies, banks and pharmacies. These organisations have a duty to keep this information safe.

If you are caring for a person with dementia, you may need to manage some of their affairs, such as paying bills or setting up services. This can involve accessing and sharing their personal information when dealing with these organisations. This can be a complicated situation, and how easily you can access and share this information depends on the circumstances.

This booklet gives practical advice on handling someone's personal information to help them manage their affairs, or when managing their affairs for them. It is divided into sections relating to different situations that people may find themselves in:

  • When you have legal power
  • When you have permission but no legal power
  • When you can't get permission and have no legal power
  • If things go wrong

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2015: 32 pages, A5

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