Decision-making, advance care planning and the Mental Capacity Act 2005

It should not be assumed that just because someone has dementia, they are unable (lack capacity) to make their own decisions. People with dementia should be supported in making their own decisions about their care and day to day life for as long as possible. Alzheimer's Society also supports people with dementia with advance care planning, which enables them to have a say in their future care and treatment. Timely diagnosis is vital for this to happen because it means people can get access to the right information and support as soon as possible.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) must underpin the decision-making and advance planning process. If implemented fully the MCA can support and protect people with dementia who lack capacity to make decisions for themselves, and ensure that any decisions made on their behalf are made in their best interests, and always with regard to the least restrictive option.