Fix Dementia Care: Homecare

2. The solution: what we are calling for

We are calling on the Government to fix a broken homecare system. The following recommendations can help to create quality, person-centred care for people with dementia at home:

  • Minimum dementia training standards 
  • Dementia specific training programme for all homecare workers
  • Thorough inspections of the quality and impact of dementia training being provided
  • A dedicated Dementia Lead, who can serve as first point of contact for homecare workers and families
  • Government bodies must find resource to fund dementia training for all homecare workers

We know that the homecare sector is operating in an increasingly impossible financial environment. Training and professional development are the first areas to be cut. This is a false economy. We know that helping people to stay at home and out of hospital will create savings for the health and care system.

Homecare workers visiting peoples' homes across the country are well placed to:

  • Identify changes in condition and behaviour
  • Reduce the impact of symptoms through quality care
  • Signpost to other sources of support in the community
  • Boost family carers to keep going

Homecare is often one of the first formal services people affected by dementia will access, and can be vital to providing the early support needed to prevent an issue escalating to the point of requiring hospital admission.

We know good homecare exists and that it can make a difference in people's lives. Call on the Government to fix this broken system.

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