Organise a raffle or lottery

Raffles and lotteries are a great way to fundraise for Alzheimer's Society, whether they are the focus of your fundraising, or form part of a larger event.

Request a fundraising pack

How to get started

The information on these pages and in our fundraising pack will help you to ensure your fundraising is legal, successful and fun.

  1. Once you've read about the different types of raffles and lotteries, decide which type of raffle you would like to hold, ensuring you follow the guidelines.
  2. Get in touch with local businesses and supermarkets, asking if they'll donate some prizes for your raffle.
  3. Create invitations and invite your guests! 

Order a fundraising pack filled with lots of handy hints and tips to help you with your fundraising. If you would like any more information on how to organise a raffle please call us on 0330 333 0804 or email