Assessment process and tests

4. Ongoing assessment

Once a diagnosis of dementia is confirmed, any medication has been started, and any post-diagnostic sessions have been completed, the person will generally be discharged from the memory service back to their GP. (An exception may be that there is a need for ongoing specialist support for specific symptoms or behaviours.) As the dementia progresses, the GP may refer the person with dementia back to a specialist for help in assessing changes, and for advice on ways to deal with certain difficulties such as changes in behaviour. The GP remains responsible for the general health of the person with dementia.

Prescription of drugs for Alzheimer's disease will be started by the specialist and then routine prescribing will usually transfer to the GP. A review of these drugs is generally carried out every six months by the specialist or GP.

Someone diagnosed with dementia can seek support from their GP, or local support groups, if they feel they need it.