Alzheimer's Society/Alzheimer Nederland knowledge exchange fellowships

Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Nederland are the largest care and research charities in their respective countries. Both organisations have a proud history of funding research and are announcing a new Fellowship exchange programme to support the exchange of knowledge, data and expertise between the two countries. 

The knowledge exchange fellowships will allow researchers who, on the basis of their scientific excellence, may be expected to make an important contribution to/occupy an important place in dementia research in the near future to spend a period of time in the other country to establish and strengthen collaborations between researchers and research groups.

Fellowship competition

Applications are invited from talented researchers from Dutch and UK Universities and research institutes who are at the beginning of their scientific career within ten years of completion of their PhD.

Applications are to be submitted from the prospective fellow intending to travel either:

  • From the UK to a host institute in the Netherlands
  • From the Netherlands to a host institute in the UK  

Only one application can be submitted per fellow, if researchers are interested in a bidirectional exchange then two separate applications must be submitted. 

Funding up to £10,000 (€12,500) is available to support exchange fellowships lasting up to 12 months. The grant will not cover salaries. It is not obligatory to be abroad for the whole period. Proposals consisting of one or several shorter visits to one or more institutes are also eligible for funding. 


We launched this partnership in 2015 and jointly funded seven fellowship applications in January 2016. We intend to repeat this call in 2017. 

Supporting further collaboration

Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Nederland want to promote collaboration between researchers in our two countries, supported by the close geography of the countries, the availability of EU funding and strong track record of biomedical and care research in the two countries. We are open to suggestions from members of the research community of events and other such activities that would support the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise between UK and Netherlands.