The scope of research to be considered by this funding stream includes:

  • Research that predominantly utilises cellular, animals models of disease or post-mortem brain tissue. For instance, to investigate aetiology or potential therapeutics for dementia.
  • Research that predominantly utilises genomic, proteomic or other 'omics' approaches.
  • Research that seeks to discover or validate biomarkers in a research setting, including psychometric tests, to be utilised in diagnosis or monitoring of disease progression.
  • Translational research that bridges between basic and clinical research.
  • Early-stage clinical investigations of pharmacological agents, vitamins or other small molecule compounds for the delay, prevention or treatment of dementia or associated behavioural symptoms.

As a general guide, research that meets the following criteria would be considered by the Biomedical research funding stream:

Research that is relevant to dementia research, and would otherwise be within the remit of the usual calls of the BBSRC or MRC. An exception would be population sciences that would be considered by the Care, services and public health research funding stream.

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