Current projects

4. Current Implementation and Dissemination grants

Implementation grants

Helping UK-based care homes to provide better care for people with advanced dementia

Lead Investigator: Professor Dawn Brooker 

Institution: University of Worcester

Grant awarded: 2015/2016

Themes: Care; implementation; care homes


Helping people with learning disabilities to access non-drug treatments for dementia symptoms

Lead Investigator: Dr Karen Watchman

Institution: University of Stirling

Grant awarded: 2015/2016

Themes: Care; implementaiton; learning disabilities


Dissemination grants

Let’s talk: Identifying support required for people with Lewy body dementia

Lead Investigator: Ms Alison Bentley

Institution: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation trust

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Lewy body dementia; care; support


Everybody’s business: guides to support people with dementia in the workplace

Lead Investigator: Dr Louise Ritchie 

Institution: University of the West of Scotland

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Care; support; dementia-friendly working


In It Together: bringing together researchers and healthcare professionals to discuss advances in brain imaging techniques

Lead Investigator: Dr Claudia Metzler-Baddeley

Institution: Cardiff University

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Brain imaging; sharing expertise