Hospital care

5. When your loved one is being cared for in hospital

There are many things you can do to check your loved one is receiving good care in hospital. We have put together our top tips for carers whose loved one are now being cared for in a care home/hospital:

  1. Let staff know that the person you care for has dementia.
  2. Ask for the name of the main nurse who will be in charge of the person's care.
  3. Ask that you be included in all decisions.
  4. Give staff information about a person's individual preferences, likes and dislikes. Ask for these to be recorded. We have produced a leaflet 'This is me' to give to staff when a person with dementia goes into hospital
  5. If the hospital has a dementia specialist nurse, ask them to work with staff directly caring for the person with dementia about good care.
  6. If the person has trouble eating and drinking ask that they have someone to help them at mealtime or ask if you can help out (if you are able to)
  7. If appropriate, tell the staff what the person says or the signs they make when they want to go to the toilet, and ask that they be taken straightaway.
  8. If a person is prone to becoming restless or wandering let staff know and work together to identify ways of helping the person in their best interests.
  9. Ask staff to discuss with you what will happen when it is time for the person with dementia to leave hospital so that you are prepared and know what support is available.