Assessment for care and support in Wales

7. Complaints

If the person with dementia or their carer has a complaint relating to any part of the process, it is best to try to resolve it with the person they have contact with, such as the assessor or social worker. There may simply have been a breakdown in communication or a misunderstanding that can be easily put right. However, if this is not successful, the local authority will have a complaints procedure to follow. The local authority will explain how to use this. The complaints procedure might be useful if:

  • there are problems arranging an assessment
  • there is an unreasonably long wait for an assessment
  • the required services are not provided, or are unsatisfactory
  • there is a dispute about the amount of personal budget that is allocated
  • where someone is told that they are not eligible and they feel that they are.

If the local authority complaints procedure does not resolve the issue, someone can take their complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (see 'Other useful organisations'), but it may be helpful to talk to a local advice agency first, eg the Citizens Advice Bureau or other organisations listed below.