Assessment for care and support in England

9. Reviews

People’s circumstances change, so the services they receive should be reviewed from time to time. Local authorities do this through review meetings to see whether the needs of the person with dementia or the carer have changed. There are different routes to getting a review:

  • A planned review is where the date of the review was set out in the initial care plan.
  • An unplanned review is normally the result of a change in circumstances, for example a fall or hospital admission.
  • A requested review is where the person, their carer or a professional (such as their GP) requests a review. This may be due to a change in care needs, or where it is felt that different support is needed.

Where someone has been given a personal budget by the local authority, there should be a review within 6–8 weeks. This will not be as extensive as the original assessment. The purpose is to ensure that the support is meeting their care needs and to check that there is no unmet need. It should also ensure that if there are problems, they are dealt with quickly.