Memory aids, tools and strategies

3. Other memory aids

Sticky notes

You can use sticky notes anywhere in your home to remind you to do a one-off task.

For example, you could:

  • stick one on the freezer to remind you to take something out to defrost
  • stick one on your bookshelf to remind you when you have to return a library book.

Once you have completed the task, it’s important to throw the sticky note away. This way you won’t accidentally remind yourself to do something you’ve already done. It also helps you to keep things tidy.

Permanent reminders

You can make more permanent signs, for example a laminated A4 sheet, to remind you of things you need to do regularly.

For example, you could:

  • stick a sign to the inside of the front door to remind you to take your keys, purse, wallet or a shopping list with you
  • have a sign by the sink reminding you to wash your hands before cooking
  • keep a sign near the bin reminding you what day to leave this out for collection.

Medication reminder box

This is a box with different compartments for each day and times of the day. It is sometimes called a dosette box. The compartments have spaces for a number of different tablets. With a quick look, you can see whether you have taken your tablets for that day. Some models can be set to remind you when to take your pills, with an alarm, vibration or flashing light. Your pharmacist can help you get a medication reminder box and put your tablets in the right compartments for you.

Colour codes

Try coding or labelling your keys so that each one is a different colour – you can buy coloured rubber key caps or rings for this. For example, your front door key could be red and your garage door could be green. If you live in a flat, the key to your building could be blue.