Your relationships

9. Staying connected

It's important to stay in touch with the people who matter to you. They can help you cope with your dementia, make you feel valued, and support you to keep doing the things you enjoy

Make the changes you need to, but don't feel the need to change every aspect of your life just because you have dementia. 

The following tips will help you to stay in touch:

■ Communicate with the people who are important to you when you're ready - tell them you have dementia, how it will affect you, and how they can help you. Let people know you want to keep your relationship with them.

■ Try to adjust to getting help from other people and doing things with them. Your partner or carer may need to help with things you normally take care of on your own (for example, cooking or managing your household budget) so it might help to start doing things together with them now.

■ Get to know new people in your life - be open to new friendships or relationships.

■ Try to get used to the changes that happen now you have dementia. You and the people in your life can support each other to adjust to these changes.

The people around you can play a big part in helping you cope with your diagnosis. Staying in touch in these ways can help you to make the most of your important relationships and so live well with dementia.