Our values

Our organisational values are the essence of who we are - the real us. They remind us of what we stand for. They define how we are seen by the external world. 

By living our values we include and empower our employees, volunteers and those affected by dementia - recognising individuals' true potential. In doing so we excel in making the Society an inspiring place to work, and attract and retain the very best people. 

Committed to creating a world without dementia

We get it symbolWe get it: we are trusted experts, informed and inspired by people affected by dementia

We are united symbolWe are united: together we can achieve more

We will do it symbolWe will do it: we demand and deliver lasting change.

Equality and diversity 

We're committed to ensuring our volunteers and employees reflect society as a whole. It's only through our diverse volunteers and staff, that we're able to support the needs of all people affected by dementia. 

Our culture and values therefore recognise the importance of inclusion, ensuring that the unique skills and experiences of individuals are recognised as strengths. Most importantly, through various engagement and participation programmes, we always seek the opinions of people affected by dementia to shape our work.

Alzheimer's Society is also committed to equal opportunities. You can read our Dignity at Work policy, Equality and Inclusion Policy, Criminal Records Check Policy and Recruitment Policy which ensures we're fair in our recruitment practices and provide equal opportunities to all our job applicants and everyone working at the Society. Enei logo

We have been highly commended in the 'Representative Workforce' category at the 2017 Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (‘enei’) Awards. The ENEI awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of organisations that take a lead in challenging discrimination and work inclusively to tap into their talented workforce.