Evidencing our impact

Young People and the Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's Society is committed to measuring the difference we make for people affected by dementia. In line with our new values - we get it, we are united, we will do it - this evidence informs, improves and demonstrates what we do, both on a local and national level.

Our latest service evaluation report '"I can be me again"- enabling people with dementia and carers to live well' highlights the views of more than 10,000 people who used Alzheimer's Society local services in 2016.

"I can be me again, not someone who has to be cared for. Treated like the person I used to be."

Our report demonstrates how the people with dementia and carers who use these services are enabled to live well.

It shows how the support provided helps them to cope better with the challenges posed by dementia. This is because they can identify appropriate information and feel more connected and in control of their lives.

Our findings

Overall the findings were very positive. For each of the five key outcomes, positive responses from both people with dementia and carers were all over 96 per cent.

Bar graph from 'I can be' report

Through our conversations with the people who use our services, we have been able to understand more about how our person-centred approaches respond to the diversity of people's needs and interests in three important ways:

  1. Navigation of available information and support.
  2. Development of a sense of connection, free of stigma.
  3. Personhood - having choice and control that can provide hope for the future.

Explore these themes further in the full report.

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