Volunteering stories

Meet our volunteers Rachel, Mary and Alex. Hear about why they decided to volunteer with us and what they get out of it.

Mary Sherrington, Memory Walk Volunteer 

‘In 2013 I decided to make a change for the last part of my career. The question then was what is important to me, where did I want to make a difference? The issue of dementia is important to me as my father has lived with Alzheimer’s now for some years.’

‘As part of my career change, I undertook some personal development and with that came the opportunity to create a community project. Choosing Alzheimer’s Society and getting in touch with the Memory Walk team, I started planning Go The Extra mile – Walk to End Dementia. The aim was to have at least 50 people walking, to raise £5000 and also raise awareness of the issue.’

‘We raised over £10,000! The experience was a positive and rewarding one. People are incredible in their generosity, whether it be time or money and I have taken away so many wonderful stories.’ 

Rachel Egginton, Support Services Volunteer 

‘My main task is to help with the general running of the support groups and to help people engage with each other. The dementia cafes provide information about living with dementia and help people to obtain advice on any issues they may have.’

‘Volunteering for Alzheimer's Society is a really rewarding experience. You get to build relationships with some great people.  Volunteering has also given me invaluable experience to carry forward with me in the future in whichever job I go into. It has helped me build my own confidence in interacting with people from many different backgrounds and also taught me how valuable it can be to simply be listened to.’

Alex Gunz, Fundraising Support Volunteer 

‘After having spent nine years working for several investment banks in the City, I decided to have a career break and return to university to complete a second degree. Between studying, I was keen to use some of the skills I had acquired during my time in the City by volunteering for a charity, and the Alzheimer's Society was the logical choice for me.’

‘I have been able to undertake a number of projects in the major giving area of fundraising, which has been most rewarding. In the near future, I have placements in the corporate fundraising and campaigns teams, both of which I am looking forward to and should give me further opportunities to understand the importance of the work undertaken by the Society. Volunteering has given me the chance to learn new skills and utilise my existing knowledge base in a different and rewarding way while meeting new people, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!’

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