Top ten tips for living well with dementia at home


Home is where we feel most comfortable. With this in mind, we have put together our top ten tips as to how to go on living well at home for longer. Often just small adjustments need to be made in order to continue with day to day activities and remain independent.

We hope that the following tips will be of help to you:

  1. Try to keep to a simple daily and weekly routine. Get to know your good times of the day and concentrate on getting things done when you're at your best.
  2. Communication is key. Talk to your family, friends and professionals telling them how they can help and how you are feeling. Accept offers of help.
  3. Try and eat regularly. Make sure you have small healthy snacks to hand so that you don't have to cook if you don't want to. Get enough fluids too.
  4. Look after yourself and keep active. A walk every day will help you relax. Keep up with your hobbies and visit friends. Visit one of our local services and stay connected to the community.
  5. Get regular check ups with your GP, dentist, optician, and chiropodist. Being referred to an occupational therapist could give you invaluable advice about ways to cope with memory loss as well as suggestions on how to adapt your home.
  6. Keep all your essential items such as glasses, keys and money in one place so that they can be easily found.
  7. Carry your name, address and phone number (and that of a friend or relative) with you.
  8. Use visual aids to organise your day such as to do lists, a calendar, a reminder board or diary. Buy a clock that clearly shows the time, day and date.
  9. Keep a visitors book with names, contact details and short descriptions of the visit. Add photos next to important phone numbers and keep by the phone.
  10. Label cupboards and doors making use of colour and contrast.

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