Organise your own swimming event

  • Event Type Swim
  • Date All year round
  • Location UK and overseas
The Challenge

The Challenge


We'd love to hear more about your challenge and welcome you to our swimming fundraising team, get in touch now to receive your fundraising pack!

Some popular swims are:

Swim a Memory Mile – You can break it down into sessions or swim it all in one go. 1 mile = 64 x 25 meter lengths of a pool. 

Time Trial - Swim as far as you can in an allotted time and beat your personal best.

Distance challenge - Pick a distance that will test your limits, be it 1/2 mile or 5k, you decide what will test your stamina and strength to earn those pounds.   

Swim the English Channel - Swim the equivalent of the English Channel in a pool or complete the 21 Miles in open water. 

What you'll get

What you'll get

  • Sponsorship forms
  • Free Cotton T-shirt
  • Fundraising tips and ideas
  • Fundraising materials order form
  • Sample press release
  • Open water and pool swimming tips
  • Free Swimming cap once you have raised £100



How do I get my swimming cap?

Soon as you have raised £100 just pop us an email over and we will get a cap sent out to you!

I'd like to chat about my challenge

If you'd like to chat to a member of the team about your challenge, please get in touch by emailing or telephoning 0330 333 0804 and we will be delighted to help!

Where can I get a sponsoship form?

You will get forms in your fundraising pack that can be downloaded but we can also send out copies in the post!



For the Events team please call:
0330 333 0804
or email: