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From the October / November 2017 issue of our magazine, our research team explains the impact of recent investment into care and cure.

Colin Capper
Colin Capper, Head of Research Development and Evaluation

With the recent launch of our three centres of excellence in dementia care research, Alzheimer's Society now has over £31 million invested in current dementia research. We want to improve care today and find a cure for the future, and like so much of our work, these centres at Newcastle and Exeter universities and UCL (University College London) are only possible because of your support.

Since 2015, our implementation grants have helped to make sure that the things we find out from research are actually used in the real world to provide better care. This isn't something that happens automatically, and it is even more challenging as care budgets are tightened.

'We are making progress to speed up the journey between research findings and routine care.'

When research shows that a new approach would benefit people affected by dementia, we then need decision-makers to understand the advantages of doing things differently, including cost-effectiveness. Getting these decision-makers on board means they can go on to influence other people, who can make a difference in their services and in other local areas.

My team at the Society works hard to bridge these gaps so that new knowledge is used to benefit people in practice. The three new centres of excellence will help by answering questions such as how to provide the best support after a diagnosis and improving quality of life for people affected by dementia.

There is a lot for us all to do, but we are making progress to speed up the journey between research findings and routine care.

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