Raise funds for Alzheimer's Society by recycling old, unwanted and even broken jewellery

From the December 2015/January 2016 issue of our magazine, a scheme that recycles old, unwanted and even broken jewellery continues to raise valuable funds for Alzheimer's Society.

The Old Jewellery Appeal, run for nearly 25 years by London jeweller Nicholas Mullings, has raised more than £900,000 so far.

Sujin Chan-Allen in the Netherlands, who donated numerous items, said,

'I held on to them for so long for sentimental reasons, but finally admitted that my tastes had evolved and I was not likely to wear them anymore.

'When I found out about the appeal, it was the catalyst that allowed me to part with them in a very happy way. I even started combing the house for other loose ends.'

All types of jewellery are accepted for resale, repair, recycling or remodelling – not only gold or silver but odd earrings or cufflinks, costume jewellery, beads and watches.

Jean Ross, a supporter in Warwickshire, said,

'I mentioned this to my friends at several groups that I attend and was overwhelmed with the support I got.'

Request a Freepost jiffy bag to send in your donation or call 0845 306 0898.

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