Inspired to bake: Making a difference on Cupcake Day

From the April/May 2018 issue of Dementia together magazine, a baking enthusiast in Belfast shares her success from last year's Cupcake Day.

Hands grabbing at cupcakes

When Tanya Haggerty and her family raised over £900 for last year's Cupcake Day in Belfast, they had one clear inspiration - their Nanny Pearl.    

Until my Nanny was diagnosed, I'd heard of dementia but never had any connection to what it means to have a loved one who has it,' says Tanya, aged 32. 'I had no idea how hard it can be on families.

'I got my love for baking from my Nanny Pearl. She inspired me - not just in baking but in life.

'She gave me a mixing bowl when I first got the baking bug. Although it's only a plastic bowl, it makes me think of her every time I bake.'

Tanya got involved in Cupcake Day because she knows that supporting Alzheimer's Society makes a difference.

'Anything we do is for #TeamPearl and all the other families who are affected by dementia.'

All out

Tanya, her sister Julie and mother went all out for Cupcake Day.  

'Between us, we made cakes, desserts, tray bakes and buns - a lot of them! We held events in my sister's school, and letters were sent out to parents to make them aware of the bun sale, which was the same day as their sports day. We also made a small selection for the staff room.

'There is something very special about people coming together for the same cause,' says Tanya.

'My mum brought a load into her work, and the home my Nanny lives in were kind enough to let me hold an event too.'

Tanya sold any leftovers to colleagues at work. 'We played the games and used the balloons and banners that were included in the free fundraising kit.'

Very special

Tanya's looking forward to this year's Cupcake Day. 'I really enjoyed Cupcake Day and will definitely do it again. There is something very special about people coming together for the same cause.

'I love baking and it was lovely to see so many people enjoy the finished product. It's a fun way to raise awareness and money for an amazing charity.'

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