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From the December / January 2018 issue of our magazine, we hear from a Community Fundraiser in Newcastle about the joys of planning and taking part in Elf Day.

Lucy King, a Community Fundraiser in Newcastle.

Christmas time is here again and many people will be full of Yuletide spirit. Maybe you feel it when wrapping your first present, putting up your tree or snuggling down to watch your favourite festive film. For me, it started three months ago...

In the life of a community fundraiser, Christmas is a three-month love affair filled with carols, candy canes and of course elves! Starting at our team fundraising meeting in September, we giggled our way through a festive planning session, sharing ideas and pushing our imagination. The countdown to Elf Day, 8 December, had begun.

'Yes, we're all dressing up and acting a bit silly, however this light-heartedness has a serious impact.'

We love high profile events like Elf Day, which are so effective at involving new people in raising dementia awareness and vital funds. As soon as word gets out about the launch, I'm inundated with requests for packs, postcards and materials - the enthusiasm and enjoyment is infectious. It makes my day to hear our supporters sharing their stories and telling us how excited they are to get involved.

With all of this comes the most important aspect of these events. Yes, we're all dressing up and acting a bit silly, however this light-heartedness has a serious impact. We have more people visiting our website and social media pages, we are reaching new audiences and we are fundraising huge amounts for dementia support and research. 

Elf Day is nearly here and I'm surrounded by big elves, small elves, elf mugs, elf books and paper chains. We really have exceeded our elves - happy Elf Day!

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